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Mitchell Bourne, The Systematic Fraudster

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Mitchell Bourne (worldly) claims to have been a client at FNIB but this is a lie. He was never their client or business partner. He represents their competition! (bitcoin ). He demanded US$5000 from FNIB, sent in his Austrslian Passport to trade forex with FNIB... but he never sent his deposit money. He wanted a free trading account in exchange for giving FNIB advertising at the bitcoin conference in NOVEMBER 2011. He has been attacking FNIB for purely commercial motivations. Mitchell Bourne is a 33 year old Austrailian living hand to mouth in Romania. Somehow he got involved with Bitcoin and collects money for conferences. After FNIB found out that he was untrustworthy, they severed all ties with him and wish to warn everyone out there to be careful when getting into any deals with him. Source: Complaintsboard.com
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